Sparkling Bauble

Tonight I lost my diamond tennis bracelet that Mike gave me about 6 months before he died. It was the last piece of jewelry that he ever gave me and it was a replacement bracelet from the one he gave me when Brooklyn was born that was lost when she was about 2 months old. After I hunted through the closet, through the car and through my purse I sat down and cried for a material possession that was lost and for what that possession meant to me. Through my tears I saw my amazing husband Jeff coming back after searching himself in all of the places that I had just searched.  He wrapped me up in love and through the sobs I told him how this piece isn’t replaceable and that I can still hear Mike saying

“Brooklyn, don’t you think mommy needs a little something sparkly to go on our date today?”

He had just given her some sparkly costume jewelry that he purchased for her since we were going to see Disney on Ice and she was all dressed up as a princess. Jeff then reminded me that I will always feel that bracelet on my wrist and I will forever hold those memories in my heart even if the bracelet is gone.


What things do you have that hold memories for you? Are you holding onto the things that are important or just holding onto things?

Still hoping the bracelet shows up, but if not I know that I will forever hear Mike’s voice in my head and I know he is forever with me.


Update: My bracelet has been found…a kind and caring soul turned it in. I was checking each place I was at yesterday and honestly it was a crazy day so I fully expected that I would never find it again, but I did at Target of all places. Thankful to have it returned, but now I know that I carry Mike within me and even if I lose possessions I will never lose the memories that I have of him.

One thought on “Sparkling Bauble

  1. Oh man I so get this. When Mike died we couldn’t find his favorite leather wristguard he used for archery; it was such an important piece of him, and we searched everywhere for it, and cried and cried. About a year later I decided to move his mattress – and lo and behold there it was, underneath. How it got there I’ll never know.
    Then recently I lost his iPhone. I didn’t have a smartphone until I took his over after he died. He loved that thing, and it had all his sounds, apps, etc. This has not been found. I ordered the new one. I guess all I can think is he would have wanted to update his too. But it’s so hard, to lose those little things that meant so much, in different ways. I’m sorry about your bracelet. Losing a gift like that is like losing another piece of them again. Hugs.


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