Navigating the New and Unknown

Widowhood is a constant adventure in navigating the new and unknown!

Recently I was discussing Senior night for my son with the football team. I have an older son that is a senior in college but he didn’t play sports so this is my first adventure in Senior Night with the sports and it is breaking my heart. How does my son want to have his parent recognized? Does he want his dad included, all three of us or just me and not his step dad? So many choices for a kid who lost his dad 11 years ago to make. I know what I would do but it isn’t my decision – it’s his.

These are the new and unknown decisions that widows face every day and they don’t always get shared because few can truly understand.

My goal on October is to write more (and declutter before the holiday’s)!

Much love, Lyn

Faith Like David

My husband Jeff and I are on a life changing experience. We embarked on a 12 day Israel Study Tour with people from our church which left this past Monday. After what felt like days of travel we arrived and completed our 1st full day of learning. I am writing the full tour blog for the group throughout tour company. Though I wanted to share this with you friends as well.

We visited Azekah which overlooks the Elah Valley and in this valley is the site where David fought Goliath. Our tour guide shared with us some interesting facts about “slingers” in the army’s of the day and how they could sling a rock so fast that getting hit with a rock in this manner was much like getting hit by a bullet from a hand gun. David had Chutzpah as the Jews would say since he never doubted that he would defeat Goliath. This got me thinking about widowhood and how I know I have gained Chutzpah (shamessless audacity many times to take risks) after losing Mike which is evident in taking this trip.

The question was asked “What are you not doing because you are afraid of the giants in your life?” David had his talent of slinging, 5 small stones and 1 mighty God on his side and he knew he couldn’t fail. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

This is the question that is on my heart as we adventure into today. What am I going to do with my talents, resources and with God on my side!




Walk by Faith

I grew up in a Christian family, going to church on Sunday mornings, sometimes Sunday nights and attended youth group on Wednesday’s then as we started our family our children were dedicated and we attended church regularly.  I continued to grow closer to God though I still wouldn’t say I felt his presence in my life regularly or had a deep relationship with him. Then our world came crashing down in 2009 when Mike was diagnosed with cancer for the 3rd time and we learned that the Melanoma had spread to his brain. That was the day that my faith went from something “out there” to something I relied upon and sought refuge within during the dark days and celebrated with during the bright days. I cannot explain what changed though what I do know is that God was present in our lives and he was with us throughout each treatment, test and result.

Throughout Mike’s 27 month battle with cancer I prayed contiously for God to heal Mike, and as he got sicker in those last few months I prayed God would work a miracle in our lives so my children could have their father as they grew up. I know we had all of our family and friends praying for this same miracle. Though God didn’t answer this prayer in the way we all wanted and Mike died September 7, 2011.  God didn’t answer my prayers though my faith was not shaken; in all honesty it was strengthened and I fell into God’s loving arms and reassurance each day when the tears wouldn’t stop falling or when I wasn’t sure if I could go another step.  I know this might not be true for you; you may have prayed for a miraculous healing, prayed your spouse wouldn’t die and like me God didn’t answer your prayers which caused you to fall away from God and lose your trust within your faith. I am praying that God continues to work in your life and you will draw closer to him in the coming year and feel the encouragement and strength.


God didn’t perform a miracle for my family at that moment though he has worked miracles in our lives before and many after.  It was a miracle that Mike lived 27 months when many others will a similar diagnosis were gone within 6 months.  I know that God made our path straighter for us throughout Mike’s treatment especially when it came to our finances. We both worked for some amazing companies that supported us emotionally and financially throughout treatment and me following Mike’s death. This was a miracle because I have seen people struggle through treatment financially. I also know that when Mike died God wasn’t even close to done with me yet so he gave me the courage, resilience and strength to lean into life, mentor widows and to find love again. This is a beautiful answer to my prayer even it if wasn’t the miracle I was praying for. Many times the miracle we are seeking is not the one we need. I am grateful to have the beautiful life that was born out of my loss; an amazing husband that loves me and I almost cannot put into words the depth of love I have for him, 3 additional children who test my resolve some days though my life would be dull without them and a life I am proud to call my own each day. I stood in church today and could raise my hands in praise because I have a God that sees my whole life and story even when I cannot and always answers my prayers in his own time and way.

What miracle are you praying for? How have you seen God move in your life even if it wasn’t the miracle you prayed for? I look forward to hearing from you and if I can pray for you during this time please connect with me.



Grateful Grieving

True gratitude takes place when we can love the life we have been given even when it isn’t the life that we had planned.

My first Thanksgiving of widowhood was extremely hard. I had 3 little kids excited about Christmas and family time and I had just “celebrated” my 11th wedding anniversary alone. I clearly remember sitting around my grandmothers table and thinking of our first Thanksgiving without my grandpa. She was a poised and resilient widow and I knew if she did it all those years before me then I could too. She’s been gone for 2 years now and I wish I would have told her how much her strength in her widow journey meant to me. She taught me how to be a beautifully resilient and to gratefully grieve long before I realized I needed to know it all.

My level of gratitude has grown over the years though it didn’t come without tears and mindfulness. The experiences throughout the years have been hard though each time I face what seems insurmountable I stop, listen to my heart because I know God is right there meeting me where I am at and giving me the strength and guidance to find my way through it. These moments and experiences have helped me to believe this is the life I was meant to live and I am grateful I was chosen to be given the gift no one wants.

We get to choose each moment, each day if we let our circumstances dictate our response or if we respond to our circumstances in gratefulness.

Will you choose to grieve gratefully?

Happy Thanksgiving!


The Ache

It started last week the soft ache that begins deep in my soul. It’s so faint I almost don’t notice it except during the quiet still moments. My heart know all these years later even before my brain does. This was the last week, these were the last days. Over the days the ache grows into the peak today; with a deep soul wrenching pain that only be honored and sat with. This pain cannot be moved on from and when tried it only deepens and threatens the future. Over the years I have learned for myself that I must honor the ache that began days ago to be able to live and love fully the other days of the year. I take this day for self care and I do whatever my heart and soul needs to honor what was and what was lost along with being thankful for what is present and what was born out of what was lost. I think of Mike everyday in some way – some days more than others though at this point I smile when I think of him and rarely are there tears with these memories. I am blessed with a beautiful life and I am grateful for everything that God has given me. Today even though there is gratefulness and happiness in my soul I honor the pain and ache that also resides there as I remember Mike.

I bring up this duality of loss to show that if you are grieving the loss of a loved one it is possible to find happiness in your life and honor those you love and lost. Also the range of emotions you have are completely okay. Don’t ever be ashamed to show your pain or your joy. If you support a widow in your life use this as a reminder that the pain and grief never goes away. It ebbs and flows over the days, weeks and years. Even as we learn to lean back into life we carry our loss with us and believe me we never forget. We are strong because God gives us that strength and honestly I wasn’t given the choice in the beginning to be anything but strong. Now I choose to show strength and resilience most days because I am raising amazing children who I want to remember their dad and live fully the life they have before them.

As I honor an amazing man today and allow the ache in my soul to be present I encourage you to love those in your life a little more. Bless a widow in your life with your presence.



My Tribe


I sat around a table full of women in February and on my way home I recalled a time when I sat in my home office in the week after Mike had passed; all of the family and friends had gone home it was just me and the kids. I recalled the feeling of intense loneliness; I felt as if I was the only 33 year old widow in the world and I was so alone. The tears almost overwhelm me now thinking about those feelings and how alone I felt during that time. I was not alone really, I had tons of friends, family and people who were circling around to help and support us; though none of them could really understand what young widowhood looked like. I am grateful for a friend who reached out to a widow they knew who then had that widow reach out to me – we live hundreds of miles away from each other but she was the beginning of the expansion of my tribe.

Over that first year my tribe began to slowly grow by connecting with other widows on-line which now seems obvious though in 2011 it wasn’t the 1st place to look for support. In my searching for other widows I found Modern Widows Club and Carolyn Moor. She is my friend and mentor and has helped me personally reach some of my goals which included starting my own MWC Chapter in Waconia; I am watching my tribe grow and grow each month.  This is the tribe of women that sit around my dining room table each month; we connect, grow, love and support each other. They remind me that I need them as much now as I did all those years ago sitting in my home office. Yesterday as I sat around that table with those beautiful women it reminded me why I keep reaching out to widows within our community and reaching out to organizations that can help support widows.

e688121c396f24b9f722b7727da697f5My tribe now consists of widows and non-widows who support and love widows; my life is fuller because of each of them. Expanding and growing your tribe is one of the first steps in leaning into life in widowhood.



Red Thread

An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.”   ~ Chinese Proverb
  I believe we are all connected to each other. Love brought you here; and LOVE will be what helps you continue to grow and lean into life.
Love for self, Love for others, Love for life!
My first husband Mike died in 2011, beyond the obvious missing of him I missed what he helped make me into. I wasn’t sure if I could love myself enough to be the woman he knew I was and could be, though I knew I had to try to find that woman. I have learned over the years of putting myself first occasionally that I LOVE me! Finding me again helped me love my new life in a wonderful and beautiful way so that I could live the life that I had dreamed even if Mike wasn’t here for it.

Now I am purposeful in my time focused on me. I found what works for me is going to a yoga class, reading, spending time at the lake, vacations focused on relaxing and Modern Widows Club. Every one of us has things we can do to mindfully heal ourselves and love ourselves, though it takes
time and purpose to find what works for you.
I encourage you to lean into that love that brought you here and to the love that will help you create and grow into this life that is before you.


Real Life Widow

Hunting Widow

Sports Widow

Work Widow

Fishing Widow

Harvest Widow

The list goes on and on of how women use the word widow all over the place to explain how their spouse is off doing something they enjoy and they are left behind for…”gasp”…a few days.

Please don’t confuse your “widowhood” that includes shopping, sales and spas with my real life widowhood!”

I am no saint for sure and I likely used the word nonchalantly prior to being a real Widow. I realized though real life loss that I would take Mike back in a heartbeat even if it meant I didn’t see him much on the weekends in the fall and spring as I was a “Farm Widow”.

I pray for the women that sound like they are complaining about their “widow” status that they never experience real widowhood.

If you are reading this you know at least 1 Widow in your life – ME. If you have ever used this word and you are not truly a widow please consider how it might make the Widow in your life feel; when you try to compare your weekend without your spouse to her lifetime without her spouse.

Ponder that for a while and while many here in Minnesota get closer to what is referred to “hunting widows weekend” think about what you could do for a Widow that you know and how you could possibly make her full-time Widow status easier. On a side note that just because your friend is dating/remarried or has been widowed for many years doesn’t mean she “Revokes her Widow Card“.

Here are a few ideas from my friend and mentor Carolyn Moor, Founder of Modern Widows Club.

  • Donate to Modern Widows Club – We serve to empower widows to lean into life, build resilience and make a positive difference in society. We do so on-line and within 15 cities hosting social hours each month.
  • Offer to babysit her kids so she can run errands in peace, get a massage or grab a coffee uninterrupted.
  • Bring her a meal
  • If you’re a handyman offer to fix that broken door handle, tune up her snow blower, put away her patio furniture – the list here could go on and on….
  • My personal favorite is offer to spend Friday or Saturday night with her! Bring a bottle of wine, a great movie, snacks and enjoy her company.

Widows are the busiest and loneliest women that I know.

Much love,



Duality of Loss


Today the weather fits my mood or maybe the weather dictated my mood for today. Either way I am 100% completely sad and want to curl up under the covers, binge watch Netflix and mope. So I am going to do just that for a while; I am granting myself permission to grieve; to honor these emotions and feelings today. Then I am going to step back outside my “waiting room” and focus on the great things in my life. Mike wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

It is hard to believe that Mike has been gone for 5 years…157,784,760 seconds. That is a lot of time that has gone by since I last held his hand or heard his voice tell me that he loved me. That is also a long time for life to move forward in amazing ways. The kids are thriving and I am blessed to love and be loved by an amazing man. This is the “duality of loss”. Grief and loss never goes away, we learn to live and move forward in amazing ways when we can see and honor both sides of loss.


I am beyond grateful for this beautiful life that I have right in front of me and the man I get to love every day, though today I am honoring and remembering the life that I originally had planned and the man that I love every day but lost.