Faith Like David

My husband Jeff and I are on a life changing experience. We embarked on a 12 day Israel Study Tour with people from our church which left this past Monday. After what felt like days of travel we arrived and completed our 1st full day of learning. I am writing the full tour blog for the group throughout tour company. Though I wanted to share this with you friends as well.

We visited Azekah which overlooks the Elah Valley and in this valley is the site where David fought Goliath. Our tour guide shared with us some interesting facts about “slingers” in the army’s of the day and how they could sling a rock so fast that getting hit with a rock in this manner was much like getting hit by a bullet from a hand gun. David had Chutzpah as the Jews would say since he never doubted that he would defeat Goliath. This got me thinking about widowhood and how I know I have gained Chutzpah (shamessless audacity many times to take risks) after losing Mike which is evident in taking this trip.

The question was asked “What are you not doing because you are afraid of the giants in your life?” David had his talent of slinging, 5 small stones and 1 mighty God on his side and he knew he couldn’t fail. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

This is the question that is on my heart as we adventure into today. What am I going to do with my talents, resources and with God on my side!



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