Today is December 2nd and for many that date doesn’t mean anything but it means everything to me. Mike and I were engaged on December 17 on the 26th Floor of the Marriott Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. It was a magical Christmas centered evening! I had my heart set on a December wedding, so we selected December 2, 2000 as our wedding day. Unfortunately the church I grew up in and was to be married in did not do weddings after Thanksgiving because of the various holiday programs and decor. I know we even offered to use all of what they had for decor and not do our own decor so they wouldn’t have to reset anything within the church, but it wasn’t meant to be so I had my Christmas themed wedding in November which had its own special meaning to it because it was on the 18 of the month and both our parents were married on the 18 of the month they married and later my brother & sister-in-law were married on the 18 of another month. I will admit that I was fairly disappointed at first, but Mike reassured me that something special was going to happen on a future December 2 so that date needed to be saved so I just needed to be patient.


Well over the years I speculated about what December 2 might mean for us……

When Jeff asked me out on our 1st date I never realized what date on the calendar it was; only that it was a Friday night and I could get a babysitter. About halfway through the day I realized what date it was…

December 2

I felt like Mike was smiling down on me and saying “it’s okay with me, have fun and be happy”.  Jeff once told me that Mike walked me through the first part of my life and that he was here to walk me through the rest of my life and I honestly believe that is true.

I am incredibly blessed to have special meaning on this day with the 2 loves of my life.

Having patience is hard and knowing that all in God’s time things will happen as designed. I know from experience this can be particularly hard for widows to understand because sometimes we cannot understand why we lost the one we loved so much or how life can ever move forward when we feel so lost and left behind in life. Because I have been willing to be patient and have faith I have found the most profound blessings in my life.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


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