Real Life Widow

Hunting Widow

Sports Widow

Work Widow

Fishing Widow

Harvest Widow

The list goes on and on of how women use the word widow all over the place to explain how their spouse is off doing something they enjoy and they are left behind for…”gasp”…a few days.

Please don’t confuse your “widowhood” that includes shopping, sales and spas with my real life widowhood!”

I am no saint for sure and I likely used the word nonchalantly prior to being a real Widow. I realized though real life loss that I would take Mike back in a heartbeat even if it meant I didn’t see him much on the weekends in the fall and spring as I was a “Farm Widow”.

I pray for the women that sound like they are complaining about their “widow” status that they never experience real widowhood.

If you are reading this you know at least 1 Widow in your life – ME. If you have ever used this word and you are not truly a widow please consider how it might make the Widow in your life feel; when you try to compare your weekend without your spouse to her lifetime without her spouse.

Ponder that for a while and while many here in Minnesota get closer to what is referred to “hunting widows weekend” think about what you could do for a Widow that you know and how you could possibly make her full-time Widow status easier. On a side note that just because your friend is dating/remarried or has been widowed for many years doesn’t mean she “Revokes her Widow Card“.

Here are a few ideas from my friend and mentor Carolyn Moor, Founder of Modern Widows Club.

  • Donate to Modern Widows Club – We serve to empower widows to lean into life, build resilience and make a positive difference in society. We do so on-line and within 15 cities hosting social hours each month.
  • Offer to babysit her kids so she can run errands in peace, get a massage or grab a coffee uninterrupted.
  • Bring her a meal
  • If you’re a handyman offer to fix that broken door handle, tune up her snow blower, put away her patio furniture – the list here could go on and on….
  • My personal favorite is offer to spend Friday or Saturday night with her! Bring a bottle of wine, a great movie, snacks and enjoy her company.

Widows are the busiest and loneliest women that I know.

Much love,



Duality of Loss


Today the weather fits my mood or maybe the weather dictated my mood for today. Either way I am 100% completely sad and want to curl up under the covers, binge watch Netflix and mope. So I am going to do just that for a while; I am granting myself permission to grieve; to honor these emotions and feelings today. Then I am going to step back outside my “waiting room” and focus on the great things in my life. Mike wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

It is hard to believe that Mike has been gone for 5 years…157,784,760 seconds. That is a lot of time that has gone by since I last held his hand or heard his voice tell me that he loved me. That is also a long time for life to move forward in amazing ways. The kids are thriving and I am blessed to love and be loved by an amazing man. This is the “duality of loss”. Grief and loss never goes away, we learn to live and move forward in amazing ways when we can see and honor both sides of loss.


I am beyond grateful for this beautiful life that I have right in front of me and the man I get to love every day, though today I am honoring and remembering the life that I originally had planned and the man that I love every day but lost.



Remarried Widow


I would not be on this plane enjoying Gods beauty or a free margarita if my husband had not died. Who knows where I would be but that isn’t for me to ever know because that wasn’t my journey. This is my path; God created me for this purpose. 

I flew home from Sedona last Sunday after a beautifully inspiring weekend with my “soul sisters”, the other Chapter Leaders for Modern Widows Club. 

Spending 4 glorious days with these amazing women helps me to remember: 

  • Mike is so proud of me and how I am living. This is what he wanted for me and he told me before he died, I just didn’t know what it looked like till now. 
  • Life is short – live loudly and boldly for what you believe. 
  • Every journey is different, but beautiful in its own right. 
  • The only person I ever have to be is ME!

I am connected with my “soul sisters”. We have a connection and a bond that can never be broken. No matter how many miles separate us we will always have each other’s backs. These “sisters” include the widows that come to my home every month for our social hour. I am grateful and thankful for each of these women because they hold a very special place in my heart❤️. I am especially thankful for my dear friend Carolyn Moor. She founded Modern Widows Club and had allowed me the opportunity to flourish after my loss. 

Enjoy this beautiful long weekend with lose you love and remember to be grateful for all that you have! 



Demolition Day


As I celebrated my middle son “graduating” today from 4th grade and heading to middle school; I am also just a little sad about what memory this day will always hold too. I have had a few demolition days in my life, but this is the anniversary of a very memorable demolition day. Today 6 years ago Mike was diagnosed with a brain tumor and everything in my life that I knew fell down around me. I have heard before everyone is just a moment away from their knees and believe me that is the day that I hit my knees like I had never till then.

Music connects my heart and soul to what rings true in my head so today when I heard Nicole Nordeman’s song  The Unmaking it rang true with my how I have turned this life changing day into a beautiful and amazing life but it took a lot of work to get here. There have been many days that I been unmade and life has fallen apart around me…all that was planned had to be changed. There is beauty in the breaking of the life that once was because now I can find the life that God had planned for me. Mike’s diagnoses was just the beginning of how God had to help me lose myself to draw closer to him. I was also reminded as her words rang true “Before each beginning there must be an ending” and my life as I knew then and even Mike’s life had to end before I could begin again. It was all God’s plan which is hard to understand when you are in the thick of it. As I look back now on this “anniversary” I can see the beauty in the story and the history.

May you find a song or two or even 100 that hold you up, help you find strength and courage to keep moving forward no matter where you are at within your journey in life. I would love to hear what song makes you sing at the top of your lungs in the car and even though it might make you cry does it bring you peace too?

Here is the link for Nicole’s music video – Enjoy!

One of the things that has come out of remaking of this life for me is writing a book about what it is like to be on the other side of the cancer journey as the spouse. Below is a quick excerpt out of my book, I hope to publish it someday, but right now it is for me and the kids and small pieces that I share with you.

The door slowly opened and a sweet, soft-spoken nurse came out and told us that the phone on the table next to us was going to ring and on the other end would be Mike’s oncologist from the Mayo Clinic. It all happened so fast that I didn’t have time to think about the next thing that was going to happen and how our world was going to be demolished in just seconds. The phone rang and Dr. Hubbards voice was on the other end and then clear as day she said “I hate to do this over the phone, but Mike you have a brain tumor”. I think I might throw up, I think I might throw up. God help me!!!

What are your demolition days and how have you turned the rubble into something beautiful?



Answered Prayers….

I was asked by the pastor of my church to share my faith story – specifically focused on surviving the storm. Now some people might panic or think “no” I cannot do that – stand up in front of the entire church and speak; but not me I love sharing my story so of course I said yes!! Below you will find my faith story that I shared at Freshwater Church on Saturday, February 14, 2015. I pray that my story and the storm that I went through will help you find your way through your own personal storm.

On September 7, 2011 my husband and the father of my 3 children died and on that day my faith changed forever! Mike had been fighting cancer for 27 months and during that time…

…I had been waging my own battle; one for my faith.


From the outside looking in I looked strong and secure in my faith and in my hope of the future, I spoke confidently to everyone about how my faith was getting me through and how I knew that God would answer our prayers. In my private moments and prayers to God I begged, pleaded and even tried to bargain with God to save Mike’s life all for my own selfish reasons. It was the most difficult time I have ever experienced in my life. Like the disciples in the boat, my faith was shaken.  Even though my faith was shaken during those months, it never crumbled. Shortly before Mike died, I fell to my knees and prayed like I have never prayed before though it was so very simple – I prayed that God would guide me as what I should do next. I was having to make huge, life changing decisions by myself because Mike’s health had declined so much. When Mike died 2 weeks later I can say that I was grateful to God for answering my prayers. They had not been answered in the way that I wanted, but I knew then that he was listening to me…

…he heard every whisper, every cry and was with me during the entire storm.

That was the day that I was forever changed though at the time I didn’t realize how much or what the future purpose was. God had given me a peace that I cannot describe, though I knew he was there and He lifted me when I could not lift myself.

I turned to closer to God in the coming days, weeks and months because I knew he was listening he guided me through the deepest darkest moments within my grief and gave me a hope that stirred within me. Within a few months I started to take small steps to realize my purpose in this life and that including finding myself again. I was 33 years old when Mike died and for 27 months I had cared for him so I wasn’t really sure who I was anymore. This storm tore me apart so I had to begin rebuilding myself again with God’s help so I could fulfill my purpose. I went to yoga class, I changed my hair, and I began dating a wonderful man. It was a whirlwind of change, but I was ready for it and needed it.

Life wasn’t over, I just turned a new chapter.

Around the same time I created a Facebook group specifically for the caregivers of cancer patients. I could never find a group that supported me during Mike’s illness so I formed one after he died and today I have people from all walks of life that support each other while they care for their spouses. I started to write a book from my perspective as the caregiver and I started a blog (this blog) to tell my story.  It was cathartic and reassuring to me that I could help others through my story.

Two years after Mike’s death, I found Modern Widows Club and I knew then that I was called to minister to widows in a way that supported them and showed them that they can move forward all while honoring their past. I started a chapter in Waconia and every month I host widows at my home and love them like Jesus called us to do. 

I married Jeff in 2013 who is a wonderful, caring, and loving husband. Our blended family of 8 is very happy though we are just like every other family and have our rough moments. God has helped us to endure and we have all grown closer to Him throughout the process, something I could never have imaged when Mike was first diagnosed with cancer.

Through Mikes death and all of our suffering that went along with it, God has transformed me into a stronger woman of God, one that speaks passionately and without refrain about her faith and my everlasting hope in Jesus Christ. Mike’s death helped me to fully become the person that God wanted me to become.

I encourage you to keep your eyes on Jesus during the storms in your life. God will carry you through it and give you a peace that you didn’t even know was possible. I know because he provided that peace for me.

The sun will eventually shine again, just be sure to look up so you can see it. 


The above photo was taken on a recent vacation to Antigua with Jeff. Life is so very beautiful when you stop for a minute, focus on God and allow yourself to see the beauty no matter what the storm you might be in or have gone through in the past.

I pray that my story and storm help you find your way through your own personal storm.



Age, it’s just a number…Right?!?

I have never been one to worry much about my age; when my best girlfriends and I turned 25 and many of them felt like they were already getting old, I never thought much about it. Then when we turned 30 – I thought who cares life is great, I had just had my 3rd baby and I was feeling overall very happy with my life. Then I turned 36 this past May and it hit me like a ton of bricks and I felt this weight of sadness that sat on my chest and I couldn’t figure out why for several days.  I realized that I would live longer than Mike at some point during this year of my life. I always knew that though just like everything else about being a widow – these moments come up when you might least expect it. Realizing that Mike will never be 37 just struck me and as the days passed I thought it would be interesting to learn what day I would actually be older than Mike. He lived to be 36 years and 247 days so when add that number of days to my birthday I arrived at today’s date – January 4, 2015.

Privlage of aging

 I will be 36 and 247 days old on what would have been Mike’s 40th Birthday!

My personal Facebook feed has been filled with hopeful and almost overly positive thoughts focused on wanting to find 2015 better than the past year in a 100% different ways. It is natural to want the future to be better than the past, many believe that they need the new year to have a fresh start to begin. In reality you can take the small steps to change anytime you want! Mike’s death changed my life for the good and bad, though I chose to focus on the good and realize that it gave me the opportunity to change. Things are different because Mike lived and things are different because he died and I am different because of him. Now as I begin to officially live longer than Mike I choose to continue to embrace the change, live big, out loud and just for me!

As I wrote this I thought of a man I met last year; Phil Hansen. He spoke at my work conference and his thoughts on life and “embracing the shake” really stuck with me. You can watch his TED Talk below.

Mike will never live to be 36 and 248 days old so I have some amazing living to do for us both starting TODAY!

 No regrets

“What is perceived as bad things in life might be the best things that happen in our life…it is just how we look at it and if we choose…”

What will you do with the number of days of your life and how will you make them count?




Today is December 2nd and for many that date doesn’t mean anything but it means everything to me. Mike and I were engaged on December 17 on the 26th Floor of the Marriott Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. It was a magical Christmas centered evening! I had my heart set on a December wedding, so we selected December 2, 2000 as our wedding day. Unfortunately the church I grew up in and was to be married in did not do weddings after Thanksgiving because of the various holiday programs and decor. I know we even offered to use all of what they had for decor and not do our own decor so they wouldn’t have to reset anything within the church, but it wasn’t meant to be so I had my Christmas themed wedding in November which had its own special meaning to it because it was on the 18 of the month and both our parents were married on the 18 of the month they married and later my brother & sister-in-law were married on the 18 of another month. I will admit that I was fairly disappointed at first, but Mike reassured me that something special was going to happen on a future December 2 so that date needed to be saved so I just needed to be patient.


Well over the years I speculated about what December 2 might mean for us……

When Jeff asked me out on our 1st date I never realized what date on the calendar it was; only that it was a Friday night and I could get a babysitter. About halfway through the day I realized what date it was…

December 2

I felt like Mike was smiling down on me and saying “it’s okay with me, have fun and be happy”.  Jeff once told me that Mike walked me through the first part of my life and that he was here to walk me through the rest of my life and I honestly believe that is true.

I am incredibly blessed to have special meaning on this day with the 2 loves of my life.

Having patience is hard and knowing that all in God’s time things will happen as designed. I know from experience this can be particularly hard for widows to understand because sometimes we cannot understand why we lost the one we loved so much or how life can ever move forward when we feel so lost and left behind in life. Because I have been willing to be patient and have faith I have found the most profound blessings in my life.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!